Volumetric Calculator – Time Saving Tool for Volumetric Dilution Calculations

Volumetric Calculator - Time Saving Tool for Volumetric Dilution Calculations



Dilutions constitute an essential part of any volumetric analysis as you will be required to dilute sample solutions to required concentration levels or stock solutions of standards for preparing calibration plots. All of you would be familiar with the standard solution formula

\(\)^C[/Latex]Original X \(\)^V[/Latex]Original = \(\)^C[/Latex]Final X \(\)^V[/Latex]Final

from your school days. This formula is simple and easy to understand and apply but you can save a good amount of your valuable time by using the calculator box which will give you the volume of the standard solution required to prepare a required concentration solution. This is possible by simply entering the required values in the calculator box.

The calculator box has proved to be a valuable time-saving tool for routine calculations for majority of volumetric quantitative estimations.

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  1. Hi Dr Deepak Bhanot,
    I have visited the site. It is good learning site. I will be interested to take up the laboratory courses from basic to advanced level. Starting from volumetric calculations and making all possible dilutions with practice and skills. Because even though if I have basic knowledge of instruments until I know how to make dilutions and concentrated solutions at very low levels and practicing it again and again until I get used to it and there is no doubt confusion or hurdle, hesitation in learning the skills. Tell me from scratch like starting from course which involves exercises and problems and practice practice practice in making dilute solutions and learning them properly. Please let me select all possible courses which will help me and guide me with all those courses related to calculations.
    I would say later on you should offer some accredited diplomas or degrees for people who are interested to get involved in environmental lab training courses as well as add some courses related to stack monitoring and air monitoring courses of all kinds.
    Thank you and I will be waiting for your kind response.

    1. Hi Syed,
      Thanks for your kind words.You are welcome to register for any of the courses that are available from time to time.You will find some of the articles useful. Please do review them whenever you can spare time.Regarding dilution and other such laboratory operations the best guide is practice. The more you practice the closer you will come closer to perfection.Going ahead we shall definetly consider your valuable suggestions.


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