What is the smallest mass that I can weigh?

Have you ever tried to ponder on what is the smallest mass that can be weighed.You may come up with figures in the range of microgram\((10^-^6g)\), nanogram\((10^-^9g)\) or at best picogram\((10^-^1^2g)\).

Try to stretch your imagination a bit further. Can you believe it. Scientists at MIT have developed a new technology which makes it possible to weigh masses in the astonishingly low attogram level \((10^-^1^5g)\) i.e millionth of a trillionth of a gram.

The research was started with weighing of masses of living cells as small as femtogram by scientists at MIT on the revolutionary principle of Suspended Microchannel Resonance (SMR).It will open up the unseen frontiers of research in synthetic nanoparticles and biological components of cells with applications in biotechnology and nanomedicine .

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