WHO Fellowship Training – Sept 2011

Dr. sumitra Singh

Dr Sumitra Singh, Senior Quality Control Officer, from National Medicines Laboratory, Kathmandu, Nepal visited us from 19th Sept 2011 to 30th Sept 2011 under WHO Fellowship scheme for training on Endotoxin studies and testing in our Microbiology Division. Dr Singh’s present activities at NML, Kathmandu include Microbiological assay of antibiotics, Sterility testing, Toxicity testing, Limit tests on herbal preparations, GLP and GMP audits, Lot release of vaccines and periodic  standardization  of reference substances. Dr Singh is not new to  India. She completed her B.Pharma from Hamdard College of Pharmacy, Delhi University in 1978-1981 and subsequently  was awarded Ph.D from King’s College, University of Strathc lyde, Glasgow, Scotland in 1992. Before coming to our lab she has visited both India and UK under different WHO fellowship programmes. Dr Singh has vast experience in Bio-Phytochemical research on medicinal plants. During her stay with us she took keen interest in our Standard Test Procedures and Operating Procedures, Preservative Efficacy Testing, Probiotic assays, Bacterial Endotoxin testing and Antibiotic assays. She has plans to implement similar studies and scale up the activites  in her lab back in Kathmandu with an objective tofurther contribute to public  health in Nepal. We in turn benefitted from her rich research experience. Dr Singh was impressed by our infrastructure and technical expertise and assured that she would recommend us  favourably for future training prospects from Nepal.

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  1. Please tell me how in Pakistan we can get this type of trainings

  2. Dear Sir,

    I like to attend a fellowship program for QA/QC, Vaccine production in industrial scale, standard test procedure and operations, efficacy testing, preservative testing etc for Pharma/Biotech industry. I like to know how it can be arranged.

    Best regards
    Bipin Dash
    (267 2305023 (Cell)


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