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In this article, we shall be discussing the career prospects for medical laboratory analysts in India. The medical field is coming up with endless opportunities where noble technologies keep replenishing processes and procedures every day. There is a demand for accomplished and skilled people to perform various tasks. One of these is related to Lab Technology and analysis. The professionals performing the function related to this field of work are called Clinical Lab Technicians and analysts or merely Lab technicians. They conduct the tests which are used for diagnosis and treatment of diseases. There are further specialized skills in this field of expertise which can be acquired over a period of time.

Lab Technicians at work
Lab Technicians at work

Medical Technologists work in five major areas in the laboratory such as

  1. Blood Banking
  2. Clinical Chemistry
  3. Hematology
  4. Immunology
  5. Microbiology

They also work in areas such as Cytotechnologist, Phlebotomy, Uranalysis, Parasitology, and Serology. will help to understand some roots of medical field where people save the life by living with it.

Do you know what does medical Lab Technologists and Technicians do?

Medical Lab Technologists perform complex and complicated tests. They have to shoulder great responsibilities as the diagnosis by medical experts are dependent on their findings. In some laboratories lab technologists even conduct research and offer guidance to medical researchers. In short, the job of lab technologists is challenging and inclined towards learning and understanding. In case of a Medical Lab technician, they require doing laboratory testing according to the instructions provided to them. In other words, they work under supervision.

Technicians are required to do simple laboratory testing. However, they are expected to do them with prescription and carefulness. Apart from conducting tests lab technicians also clean laboratory glassware and equipment. They are also engaged in preparing the standard solutions, reagents and other materials required for testing.

“Courses offered in Medical Laboratory technology”

In some countries such as India courses like Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Technology is offered for candidates inspiring to be Lab technologists. For Lab technicians Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology and other certification courses are available. There are specialized certification courses like Diploma in EEG, Radiology, Histopathology lab technology, etc.

There are various medical and nursing colleges & institutions running these courses. However, the authorities who have ultimate control over all such matters are Indian Council of Medical Research, All India Institute of Medical Technologists and All India Medical laboratory technologists association.

Do you know that what are the Job Opportunities?

India is considered as the Hub for medical tourism due to the mushrooming of clinics and hospitals in cities and rural areas, medical laboratories are also abundantly constructed either as part of infrastructure or built in the vicinity. Candidates aspiring to be Medical lab Technologists or medical lab technicians have opportunities to work in such laboratories. A qualified professional and a well-experienced person can also set up his own laboratory.

Do You Know About the PayScale?

A pay scale in India for any lab technicians is not less than rupees two lacs per annum. However, with more professional experiences, skill, and qualifications it is even higher.

 In conclusion, it can be said that a medical laboratory technologist has an attractive opening towards research and working in a state of art laboratory certainly enriches the experience.

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