5 Steps to Developing Laboratory Equipment

Laboratories and their equipment are designed with research in mind. Whether you’re trying to make agricultural breakthroughs, medical developments, or uncovering new challenges, you’ll need to extensively plan your lab from the inside out. While all aspects of laboratory design are essential to its success, one of the most vital parts of the process is […]

Useful Guideline on Preparing Your Project Dissertation Report

Step-by-Step Guide on Writing a Winning Dissertation When you get to the point of writing the project, you’re approaching to the final point of your educational journey. Irrespective of whether it is your Ph.D., Masters or undergraduate dissertation that you are gearing up for, the guide provided below will help you to get the job […]

The Essence of a Laboratory Notebook

Through college, most of us have come to make utility of paper planners to manage days. One can capably take down due dates, phone numbers, scribble, and make to-do-lists on the go with just a pen and paper at hand. In the laboratory, paper planners are particularly useful because one can organize so many things […]

The uses of a Faraday cage – an electrochemist’s point of view

The Faraday cage represents a shelter that can be built using various materials – wood, plastic, brick (non-conducting materials). The exterior of this cage should contain conductive materials such as aluminum, iron, copper or galvanized wiring. The outer coating of a Faraday cage should be perfectly closed from one end to another and conductive on […]

Career prospects for medical laboratory analysts in India

In this article, we shall be discussing the career prospects for medical laboratory analysts in India. The medical field is coming up with endless opportunities where noble technologies keep replenishing processes and procedures every day. There is a demand for accomplished and skilled people to perform various tasks. One of these is related to Lab […]

Important Information You Should Consider Regarding Animal Research

A Future Of Chimeras? When it comes to animals used for scientific research, there is good, and it is bad. Consider cosmetics, as an example. Cosmetics aren’t designed for the purpose of causing harm to people. However, you couldn’t very well test cosmetics on people, in case some unexpected allergy or other exigency caused a […]

Tips For Sorting A Scholarship

The post-high school sensation of dreaming big, anticipating the college freedom and aspiring to be on top of the world could all remain to be a mere imagination without capital or appropriate scholarship. Above the financial ability of a family, class, status, and any other parameter, everyone deserves to be educated and empowered in a […]

What Does the Science Say about Vaping?

Science is known to produce solutions to many life dilemmas. Science involves detailed discussions and research on a subject matter. It involves experiments, observation, and research. Before a report is realized, a scientist must do a test, prove and conclude on the subject matter. It is the best way to prove, evaluate and solve a […]

The Educational Benefits Associated With Traveling

Traveling abroad is something that most people will want to do in their lifetime. Just remember that it is very expensive and will take you away from your studies. The good news is that there are some benefits associated with traveling. When you travel abroad, you’ll actually be able to improve your education. By traveling […]

What Do Radiologist Do?

A radiologist is a medical doctor who has specialized in treating, diagnosing diseases and injuries using medical techniques like, magnetic resonance imaging, computer tomography, positron emission tomography, and x-rays among others. He /she is supposed to undertake adequate training because the treatment involves radiation. Moreover, the radiologist has to undergo training in an accredited medical […]