Transact-SQL, Data Management, and Database Programming: What Else Should You Know About Microsoft 70-761 Exam and Practice Tests?

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Since 1989, Microsoft SQL Server has been used by different audiences all over the world without compromising on its popularity. It has been even recently updated (November 4, 2019). That is why the MCSA: SQL 2016 Database Development certification is still relevant for the market, and many IT specialists consider taking the associated exams to get their desired badge.In this article, we will put all your attention to the first test that you need to pass in order to obtain this associate-level credential.This exam is Microsoft 70-761.We’ll also talk about its topics that you must study to have an idea about the content.

Basic details and eligibility criteria

To Pass Certification Exams  by Microsoft like AZ-300 which is a certification exam focused on SQL Server 2016/2017/2019 technology. The full name of the test is known as Querying Data with Transact-SQL. It is intended for the SQL Server database administrators, developers, and system engineers. Thoseindividuals who want to take it are advised to gain at least two years of experience before trying to pass the exam. If you don’t have the required level of expertise, you can obtain one of the MTA credentials.

Just like with any other Microsoft certification exams, this test will also have about 40-60 multiple-choice questions that should be answered within 120 minutes.When sitting for Microsoft 70-761, you need to know that it costs $165. This fee is applicable for the candidates from the United States. Although the fee is the same in all countries, the individuals out of the USAshould pay more if the tax policies in their respective countries provide for additional payment.

Exam topics and subtopics

There are three main sections in Microsoft 70-761. The content majorly revolves around these objectives, each of which is divided into several subtopics. We have discussed all thesetopicsbelow, let’scheck them out.

  1. Managing data with Transact-SQL

The domainhas the most prominence in the exam becauseit covers up to 45% of it. Under this section, you will be tested on how well you can accomplish technical tasks that include identifying and selecting queries, querying multiple tables by using joins, modifying data, and implementing functions and aggregate data. You should also know about the following:

  • Writing UPDATE, INSERT, and DELETE statements;
  • Using the OUTPUT statement to construct Data Manipulation Language statements;
  • Using table- and scalar-valued functions;
  • Identifying the proper SELECT query structure;
  • Differentiating between UNION ALL and UNION behavior;
  • Writing specific queries to satisfy the requirements of the business;
  • Identifying the query, which would return the expected results based typically on the given table structure or data.


  1. Querying data with cutting-edge Transact-SQL

Covering between 30-35% of the content, this exam objective is all about querying data. The questions from this section will test your ability to query data by utilizing subqueries and APPLY, using table expressions to query data, and pivot and group data by using queries. The questions aligned to this topic also evaluate your understanding of query temporal and non-relational data. To be able to score high in this area, the candidates must be able to identify the basic components of expressions, construct recursive table expressions to meet the requirements of the business, write APPLY statements, which return the specific data set based on the given data, and determine the results of queries by using table joins and subqueries visit

  1. Programmingdatabases using Transact-SQL

The last partcovers 30% of the exam content. Itsgoal is to see whether you can use Transact-SQL to create database programmability objects, implement transactions and error handling, and implement NULLS and data types or not. You are required to have the relevant knowledge inthe following areas:

  • Evaluating results of data type conversions,
  • Identifying proper usage of COALESCE and ISNULL functions,
  • Identifying locations of implicit data type conversions in queries,
  • Creating stored procedures and table-valued user-defined functions,
  • Creating indexed views,
  • Distinguishing between non-deterministic and deterministic functions,
  • Determining the results of DDL (Data Definition Language) statements based mainly on transaction control statements.

Preparation process and recommended training

When it comes to Microsoft 70-761, one cannot get the passing score without mastering the objectives highlighted above. There are various preparation options to choose from that will help you get high results. For example, you can use books and other resources to cover all the domains. You can also opt for the instructor-led training courses or free online training.

The variant with the course will help you learn the following concepts:

  • Manage data with Transact-SQL;
  • Implement data types and NULLS;
  • Implement error transactions and handling;
  • Program database by using Transact-SQL;
  • Create Transact-SQL SELECT queries;
  • Use joins to query multiple tables;
  • Use subqueries and APPLY to query data;
  • Use Transact-SQL to create database programmability;
  • Query non-relational and temporal data;
  • Use queries to group and pivot data;
  • Query data with the advanced Transact-SQL components.

Another option that is popular among the applicants is usingpractice questions. With valid braindumps, mastering all the exam topics will be much easier. You can find a lot of practice questions for Microsoft 70-761 on the PrepAway website.


Microsoft 70-761 is a highly valuable exam that will grant you the sought-after certification. By earning MCSA, you position yourself to grow in all aspects of your career as an SQL database developer or administrator. So, try to clear this task as soon as possible to start benefiting from whatever comes with earning this associate-level credential.

It is also very important to mention that Microsoft announced that the Microsoft 70-761 exam will retire in less than 12 months from now. To be specific, it will be on January 31, 2021. So, if you want to take this test and get the MCSA certificate, you should do it before this date. Microsoft also announced that the certification will remain valid even after the expiry date. That is why it is a good opportunity to go for.

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