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Lab Report

Writing a lab report may seem like a difficult task for many students but it is actually easy if you plan the report writing ahead. The first page on a lab report should be the title page where you put a few lines of information including title of the experiment, name of students participating in the experiment and the name of your instructor. You must also not forget to include the date of the experiment on the lab report. In the lab report, you must include the purpose of conducting the experiment. To determine the purpose of the experiment, you must ask yourself whether you are trying to solve a problem or testing something in the experiment.

Lab Report
Lab Report

You must include a hypothesis in the lab report. The hypothesis is not the actual theory but the outcome that you believe will happen in the experiment. You can write the hypothesis based on your knowledge on conducting similar experiments in the past. Therefore, there is no need to provide any evidence to support the hypothesis. You must make a list of the lab materials used in conducting the experiment. In this way, people who read your report will be able to repeat the same experiment. You should list the materials in a single sentence in the order that they are being used.

The exact procedure that you follow when doing the experiment must be written down in the report. When explaining the procedure, you must provide information on all the variables including independent and dependent variables. Depending on your essay question requirement, the procedure can be described in the form of a list or paragraph. It is important that you write clearly the procedure for carrying out the experiment. You can include precautions on carrying out the experiment.

Prior to doing the experiment, you should have already completed some parts of the lab report including intro and hypothesis. You should write in first person voice when describing what you have done during the experiment in the materials and methods section. You should write in past tense because you have already carried out the experiment. In the results section, you can include the raw data in the form of tables and graphs. You can describe the result of the experiment in both words and numbers. At the end of the lab report, make sure you include references.

The references section is where you cite all work that is not yours in the report.  You should include references of the work even if did not directly quote or paraphrase it.  There are various citation formats. You should check the essay question to determine what type of citation format to use for citing the sources. The conclusion should be in consistent with the information presented in the report. You can go over the introduction again to brainstorm ideas on writing the conclusion. Before submitting your lab report to the teacher, you should go through it to make sure that all the sections are completed.

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