What Does the Science Say about Vaping?

Science is known to produce solutions to many life dilemmas. Science involves detailed discussions and research on a subject matter. It involves experiments, observation, and research. Before a report is realized, a scientist must do a test, prove and conclude on the subject matter. It is the best way to prove, evaluate and solve a problem. In the recent past, there has been a drastic increase in the number of nicotine addicts. Youths between the ages of 16 to 30 years are the most affected. Starting a smoking habit is very easy. Abstaining and stopping the behavior is probably one of the hardest things in the world.

Young girl vaping e- cigarette
Young girl vaping an e-cigarette

In most cases, many people are forced to stop smoking due to health complications. It is never easy to stop smoking under any circumstances. However, electronic cigarettes have been the best alternative for a person who wants to stop smoking. The consumption of electronic cigarette has been received differently by different groups of people. Some are for the practice while others are not for the practice. The behavior has also caused a major division among scientist. However, there are some common principles that all scientist have agreed upon.

What exactly does the science say about vaping?

Effectiveness in nicotine addiction treatment

It is the dream of every smoker to stop smoking or reduce the rate of nicotine absorption. Scientists have agreed on the fact that electronic cigarettes help in addiction treatment. A study conducted on different addicts proved that when a person uses the electronic cigarette, there is a reduction in the amount of cigarette smoked. In normal circumstances, it takes approximately six months for one to cease smoking. In another study, smokers who vaped on a daily basis observed a reduced smoking rate after vaping. However, the effectiveness of this method to treat addiction is dependent on several things. They include body size, addiction duration time and the smoking consistency. It would take more time to treat addiction of a person who has been under the addiction of nicotine for a long time. This treatment is more effective on small-sized bodied persons than big-sized bodied persons.

Health implication to the user

It should be noted that both normal cigarettes and the electronic cigarettes contain nicotine. The comparison of the health complication of both the products is a case of selecting the lesser evil. Vaping causes similar health complications to those of a normal smoker but at a lower rate. Generally, vaping is less harmful than smoking. A group of scientists has come up to suggest that 10% of electronic cigarette users are free from any health implication. A majority of users have, however, developed sore throats after using the product. Any additional health implication on the throat is unknown. Users are, however, advised to stay away from the product if they experience prolonged sore throats.

Environmental friendly

Smoking raises a great ethical issue on its impact on the environment. Cigarettes are not made from pure tobacco. They are made from hundreds of ingredients. Some of the ingredients are made of carbon or carbon compounds. Carbon and its compounds, when burnt in the air, results in the formation of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide. These two products are dangerous to the environment. They destroy the ozone layer. Carbon is also harmful to the human body. If carbon monoxide is inhaled in large amounts, it can cause death within minutes. In addition to that, smoking produces a bad odor to the surrounding. An electronic cigarette does not emit any smoke. It does not produce a bad odor, In fact, it can be smoked in your favorite flavors like chocolate and strawberries.

Passive smoking effects

Abstaining from smoking does not guarantee a healthy living. Being into environments that people smoke puts one in danger of contracting lungs and heart infections. Smokers’ spouses are at great risk of contracting some diseases like lung cancer whether they are smoking or not. In addition to the environmental conservation, vaping reduces the effects of passive smoking by a large percentage. Scientists argue that for one to be considered to have experienced passive smoking effects from an electronic cigarette, one has to have been in the environment for more than 10 hours a day. a top quality dry herb vaporizer reduces the chances of passive smoking by 95%.

The passive smoking effects are determined by the following factors:

  • Amount of airflow in a building
  • Room size
  • Number of users in a room
  • The voltage of the battery

In conclusion, vaping is an effective way of treating nicotine addiction. It reduces the health implications related and associated with smoking. It has a positive impact on the environment. If vaping is done in open air, passive smoking is not possible. Anyone looking forward to stopping smoking should incorporate vaping as part of this plan. Despite all the advantages of vaping, it is important to note that nicotine is harmful whether you decide to smoke it or vapor it.

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