What does a geographer work?

geographer work

Many of us who have studied the Geography career have had to face the typical question. But … what does a geographer work? Does that have a future? Well, this article is to respond to all those people who come up with this great existential doubt with which they can’t live another minute, among which I include those parents to whom their children have commented their intention to study Geography and have taken the displeasure of the century.

geographer work
geographer work

To begin, we must say that the people who chose to study this type of careers, -see Geography, History, Art History and related disciplines- represent one of the last strongholds of romanticism in an increasingly technical, economistic and marketing society. , in which the humanistic disciplines are a rare specimen, and the people who dedicate themselves to it, species in danger of extinction.

Perhaps if humanism regained a bit of its past brilliance, just maybe, this society would recover a bit of calm, reflection and some values that have vanished from the current panorama.

But the fact that geographers are romantics does not mean that we are left behind in the use of new technologies for the development of our skills. Nowadays, graduates in Geography receive a very technical training based on the most modern methods of geographic process analysis, such as GIS (Geographic Information Systems).

It is therefore a race whose strong point is its intrinsically multidisciplinary character, since in its field it has room for the studies related to physical geography and the natural environment -geomorphology, hydrogeomorphology, faunistic and biogeographical studies, etc.- until the human geography – demographic studies, sociological characterization of populations, studies of tourist dynamics, etc. All should be studied through the relationship between different aspects, which allows geographers to acquire holistic competences in the understanding of territorial dynamics, noting the conjunction of the elements natural with humans. Studying Geographic may bring some difficulties and if you’re interested in help with a Geography assignment then continue reading this!

This leads us to participate in projects where knowing this man-medium relationship is fundamental, such as spatial planning plans, characterization studies and landscape integration, environmental impact studies, local development, etc.

To be more specific, we will list the specific professional options that geographers perform:

Teaching. The most traditional exit, and practically the only one known by the general public, of Geography

Environmental consultant. A geographer is perfectly qualified to participate in environmental consulting projects, carrying out, for example, impact studies, fauna studies, environmental restoration, etc.

Territorial consultant. Their capacity to understand the relationship between man and territory makes them a key element in the development of Land Management Plans, Landscape Studies, Local Development Plans, Urban Plans, Mobility Plans, National Parks Management, etc.
Technicians in Geographic Information Systems. The GIS, as we have already mentioned, is a fundamental tool in the professional work of a geographer, which is why our participation in cartographic elaboration projects, natural risk analysis through GIS models, route calculation, climate models, etc. is common.

Specialists in Geomarketing. Another example of the level of technical aptitude of geographers is their ability to study economic phenomena through the territorial variable through, of course, the Geographic Information Systems.

Hopefully, this article can increase your motivation in learning this valuable science, Geography!

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