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lab experiment

Students who take science degrees will have to take a few lab courses where they are asked to do an experiment and write a research report to demonstrate their understanding. In the research report, students must explain about the experiment and describe whether their findings agree to the hypothesis. There are four important components of the research report including intro, materials, results and discussion. Some teachers will ask you to include other additional sections for example abstracts.

The introduction is where you state the hypothesis and experiment purpose. The experiment purpose is often confused in being the same as the hypothesis. Hypothesis is the theory that you aim to arrive from the experiment. Purpose is about what you expect to learn from the lab experiment. When writing a hypothesis, you must justify it to make it reasonable to the audience.

lab experiment
lab experiment

In the methods section, you describe about the testing of the hypothesis in detailed and give the reasons why the experiment is conducted in the specific methods. When writing the methods, you should provide as much details as possible about the experiment such as measurement, temperature and time elapsed. You can include information about the control that you use to compare the experiments.

The results section is the section where you provide information about the raw data that has been collected. The data is explained in a figure table that is easy to understand. The results section is the shortest part of the lab report essay but it is also the most important part that your teacher will read when marking your paper. The results section talks about how the result is obtained. You should only include the relevant data in the results section. There is no need to draw any conclusion for the result in the discussion section.

The discussion section is where you write on whether the results from the raw data agree to the hypothesis. You can give acknowledgement on deviations from your initial expectation. You can talk about the impact of the findings in the discussion section. You can derive your conclusion about the findings in the discussion section.

When writing the lab report, you should ask yourself a few questions such as what is the procedure for the experiment, why are you doing the experiment in that specific way, things that you want to learn from the experiment and how the findings from the experiment can be advantageous to you. Asking yourself these questions give you a basic understanding of what the lab experiment is about. Having a basic understanding about the experiment that is taking place in the lab is important in order to score well in your lab report.

You can ask your lab supervisor to give explanation on any part o f the lab report assignment that you don’t understand. The steps of the experiment should be planned carefully so that the recorded findings will be properly organized. Recording the right data in the experiment is crucial to writing a good conclusion. You should discuss everything that you want to do with the other lab partners that participate in the experiment.

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