Guide on How to Write a Laboratory Report Essay

Guide on How to Write a Laboratory Report Essay

Students who take lab courses are often required to write lab report essays. Lab report essay is more than just recording the procedure and results of the laboratory experiment. You must demonstrate your understanding on the subject by discussing on the experiment in terms of the theoretical issues that you are studying in the course. Lab report essay accounts for a substantial amount of points in your course up to 25%. If you have done a lot of errors in your lab essay and you fail it, it is likely that you will also not pass the course and have to retake it. Usually, the lab report will consists of several components that must be arranged in the right order.

Guide on How to Write a Laboratory Report Essay
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The first page of the lab report is the title page which contains basic information about the experiment including experiment name, participants of the lab experiment and the date when the experiment was conducted. The title must be straightforward and not be too long. Ideally, the title should have 6 – 10 words. The abstract which consists of 1 – 2 paragraphs should take up just one page and has a maximum of 200 words. The abstract must mention the purpose, result, the important findings which is used for the discussion and a conclusion.

The introduction is followed after the abstract. The introduction should give a brief description of the experiment purpose, equipment’s used in the lab experiment and the theory that you are trying to prove. Methods and materials is the fourth component of the lab report essay. It is best to use a list to outline all the experiment equipment’s used. You must double check and make sure all the equipment’s are included in the list. The fifth component is to experiment procedure where you will describe about the process of how the experiment take place step by step in a few paragraph.

The sixth component is the results page where you will describe in detailed the results and tables.  Appendices can be used to explain the special features in the charts and graphs. The discussion is the main part of the report where you will compare results with similar cases and analyze any error found in the experiment. You should explain the result in terms of the theory that your lab report requires you to illustrate.

When explaining the result, make sure you relate it to the objectives of the experiment. In addition, you should also provide analysis on the strengths and weaknesses of the experiment findings. The conclusion does not have to be long and can be just a short paragraph. The conclusion must state clearly what is known from the experiment and provide justification. You can recommend more research to be conducted in the conclusion. The lab report must include references to any outside materials that you use when writing the report. The last part is the appendix and you should describe each item in different appendix.

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