How Gas Chromatography can contribute to your career prospects?

How Gas Chromatography can contribute to your career prospects?
Gas Chromatography Scientist
Gas Chromatography Scientist

Today is the age of specialization and over the years you should develop expertise in your chosen profession. It will give you immense satisfaction to be recognized by your colleagues and industry or academic circles as an authority in your area of specialization.

Gas chromatography is an established and popular technique used for separation of components of a mixture of gases or liquids and help quantify them. The article explores some career avenues which are based upon a sound understanding of Gas Chromatography

A basic understanding of organic chemistry combined with knowledge of separation techniques is a definite asset for your career as a laboratory scientist. This includes a clear understanding of the principles of the technique, its scope of applications and its limitations .

All of us are fascinated by advanced analysis techniques and have a strong urge to learn operation of sophisticated instruments. However, always bear in mind that mere operation of the instrument will not make a significant impact on your career prospects. On the other hand knowledge of operation coupled with a sound understanding of basic concepts will prove to be an asset throughout your career.

Promise of Gas chromatography

Gas Chromatography holds immense promise to provide solutions to your laboratory analysis problems. An understanding of nature and properties of your sample components is always of great help.The separation of components of mixtures is based on differences in volatilities of the compounds and their selective adsorption by the stationary phase packed inside the column followed by their sequential elution. Resolution between the peaks can be improved through control of operational conditions such as the selection of stationary phases, column dimensions, gas flow rate, temperature control and optimum selection from a range
of available detectors.

Scope of Applications

Gas chromatography opens up several areas of applications in petroleum and petrochemical industry, environmental monitoring, edible oils, pharmaceuticals, foods, cosmetics, flavours and fragrances, forensics, etc. The growth is showing promising trend in such areas and the industrial sector is throwing open new avenues for skilled professionals to meet the growing requirements of industry and research. Some of the disciplines where a sound knowledge of principles and practice of Gas Chromatography is a valuable asset are briefly discussed.

Petroleum products

Gas chromatography has contribute immensely to petroleum product testing and as a result specialized techniques have evolved over time such as SIMDIS analyser, Refinery gas analyser, Natural gas analyser,PIONA analyser , Hydrocarbon gas analyzer,etc. Researchers in such disciplines can explore further applications and evolve stationary phases which can give improvements in separations and resolution of complex petrochemical mixtures. The technique has scope in environmental control around refineries and development of energy efficient fuel blends.

Environmental Monitoring

Gas Chromatography has made significant advances in the field of environmental monitoring in both ambient and industrial areas.Through a choice of detectors it is possible to monitor and quantitate both organic and inorganic gaseous constituents in the workplace and surrounding environment.

Instrumentation and Electronics

Instrumentation and Electronics engineers have a major role in developing miniaturized versions of Gas Chromatographs with improved efficiencies and resolutions. Such innovative versions will have the abilities to handle limited available sample volumes and help detect the presence of impurities that could not be detected earlier using conventional methods. Coupled with automation this makes immense contribution to increasing efficiency and laboratory productivity.

Flavours and Fragrances

The available range of natural and synthetic flavours is unlimited. Desired combinations can introduce pleasant features to food and cosmetic products to make them more acceptable to consumers. Gas Chromatography plays a significant role in development of new products.

Marketing promotion

Marketing professionals play an important role in popularization of Gas chromatography among user groups. A common level of understanding between user scientists and instrument suppliers can go a long way in the technique’s increased market share.

Gas chromatography holds immense potential for scientists engaged in academic research and industrial application development projects. A strong desire to assimilate basic concepts and acquire the required skills can certainly hold promise of a sustained career growth.

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