HPLC Free e-course : Introduction to High Performance Liquid Chromatography

HPLC Free e-course : Introduction to High Performance Liquid Chromatography
Free e-course on HPLC

HPLC is applied to separation and quantitation of components of mixture of compounds that may not be stable at higher temperatures encountered in Gas chromatographic separations. The HPLC technique has gained wide acceptance in the field of pharmaceuticals, foods & beverages, agricultural products, cosmetics, polymers and synthetic materials and environmental studies.

The programme will be beneficial to : 

  • R&D Scientists
  • QA Managers & Practicing Chemists
  • Students in disciplines of Chemistry,  Pharmacy, Food &  Nutrition, Polymer Science, and Agricultural Sciences.
  • Life Science researchers
  • Govt Regulatory Bodies
  • Environmental Scientists
The  course will provide exposure to the advances in the field of HPLC to the experienced analyst and  both basics and practical aspects to beginners. Wide coverage is given to fundamental concepts of HPLC laboratory operations in a lucid manner so that both the novice and expert will find the programme as a useful reference for the day to day laboratory operations.

Your understanding and pickup of a topic is gauged by your ability to answer questions related to basics and practical aspects. We now provide you an opportunity to familiarize yourself with some typical questions that you may face in job interviews involving extensive use of High Performance Liquid Chromatography systems.

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    1. Hi Santosh,
      Good to note that you wish to learn about analytical techniques.Please follow the site regularly for weekly newsletter,articles and course announcements.With time we hope you will get opportunities to fulfill your learning ambitions.

  1. I am interested to go ahead and learn more about instruments and various analytical techiniques. This would realy b helpful. Kindly guide.
    Thanks and regards

    1. Good to know of your interest. You can register for free and paid courses and subsequently paid certificate courses available on our site . In addition you can also find small articles on topics of interest under the blogs.

    1. Hope you have registered for the free course. You will have a module delivered in your mail box after 3-4 days gap till alll the modules get delivered.

  2. Hello,

    Kindly assist me.

    I have successfully registered for the HPLC free online course.

    I received modules 2 and 3 only.

    Kindly provide module 1 and the remaining modules.

    Thank you.

  3. I am student of BS Chemistry and I am going to choose Analytical Chemistry for specialization. In this order, I want to get command over Chromatography as it’s an advanced technique.


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