Importance of Keeping Installation Site ready before arrival of new instrument

Importance of Keeping Installation Site ready before arrival of new instrument
Preparing Installation Site
Preparing Installation Site

The need and essential considerations on introduction of sophisticated instruments in the laboratory were covered in an earlier article. In the present article the importance of keeping the installation site ready in advance before arrival of new instrument is highlighted.

Sophisticated instruments often require special handling and installation conditions as majority of such instruments do not fall in the plug and play category. Special requirements are time-consuming and if site is not ready their utilization gets unduly delayed.

It is essential to discuss and obtain blueprints on installation requirements from the supplier once the order is released so as to leave sufficient time for the required arrangements. At times you would be required to make structural changes in the laboratory and also make other arrangements for additional infrastructure such as:

  • Widening of passage or entrance door to accommodate the instrument
  • Modifications of work bench to accommodate instrument and any additional accessories
  • Provision of utilities such as uninterrupted power supply, chilled water, gases, etc.
  • Enhancement of existing electrical power load capacity.
  • Clearances, if necessary, on environmental issues from local authorities for instruments that may contain hazardous or radioactive materials.

Such arrangements may require approval of higher authorities and can be time consuming so advance planning is necessary.

It is important to keep in mind that the supplier or his representative generally do not agree on extension of warranty services in case of in -ordinate delays in installation if recommended conditions for installation and commissioning are not provided. In some laboratories due to procedural norms fresh sanctions and allocation of funds are necessary if allotted resources and funds are not utilized within the time allocation. This process leads to progressive delays in getting the site ready for installation.

Every organization has set goals on utilization of available resources. Uninstalled and nonperforming instruments are liabilities which block your capital with no real-time returns. It becomes all the more necessary to install and commission new instruments with minimal delay and reap full benefits offered on account of their capabilities to yield high volume of un-interrupted reliable data with associated speed and automation.

Hope the article was interesting. Please do share your experiences and offer your comments.

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