Preparing For A Medical Laboratory Assistant Interview

For those aspiring to become Medical Laboratory Technicians, it is essential first to understand what credentials you need to get a job. First, you need to have an Associate’s degree.  Before enrolling in the program, ensure that the National Accrediting Agency accredits it for Clinical Laboratory Sciences (NAACLS). In the case that you could consider […]

Common issues that should not be overlooked by commercial testing laboratories

The article highlights some common issues that commercial testing laboratories cannot afford to overlook at any cost. Such issues often get overlooked because of busy work schedules or simply through oversight. The Quality Manager needs to pay special attention and should ensure regular auditing through scheduling of periodic internal audits. Such audits help not only […]

Benefits offered by laboratory information management systems for efficient control over laboratory operations

In earlier days laboratories used to maintain manual records of stocks of chemicals, instruments, glassware, consumables, receipt, and disposal of samples, analysis results, and workloads. However, today the situation has changed. Sophistication has improved several folds and laboratories have to streamline operations to keep pace with more stringent demands of clients, and provide analysis results […]

Prevention of accidents in Laboratory Stores

Laboratory stores play a significant role in the efficient working of laboratories. Stores maintain stocks of chemicals, utilities, and consumables which are required by chemists. It is true that not all items pose hazards but materials that have hazard potential include: Toxic and poisonous chemicals Flammable solvents Corrosive liquids including strong acids Compressed Gases Highly […]

Coordination & Strong Communication-Pillars of success of Laboratory Operations

Harmony and cordial relations between individuals and groups play an important role in streamlined and efficient operations in an organization. The same holds true for a laboratory where different individuals play defined roles and unless there is a close coordination between them the output will be chaotic and unproductive. A laboratory comprises of several groups […]

Special considerations in analysis of critical laboratory samples

Referal laboratories play a significant role in all countries as they are considered to be authoritative and results communicated by them are accepted without questioning. Such laboratories analyze hundreds of samples daily. Analysis of each and every sample is important but at times critical samples are required to be analyzed. Such samples are often received […]

Suggestions on use, qualification, handling and storage of laboratory working standards

Laboratory analysis is authentic only when there are standards for comparison of results obtained with the results obtained with standards under an identical set of experimental conditions. However, practically it is not possible to make use of original reference standard every time analysis is carried out as the quantity available is small due to its […]

Suggestions for improvement of laboratory workflows

The productivity of a laboratory can be improved consistently through judicious utilization of resources, the timely addition of resources and effective use of manpower.A clear vision of future goals will be helpful in planning for the set goals. The article is an attempt to offer some useful suggestions for achieving a sustained growth in workflows. […]

Gains of Automation for your Laboratory

The primary gains of introducing automation are saving precious time and cutting the cost of operations. The two goals are achieved through the takeover of repetitive and dull operations by automated devices so that the operator gets freed for other important tasks. The article examines how automation contributes to overall improvement in operations of a […]

How to avoid laboratory spills?

Laboratory spills are avoidable but can happen when least expected and without prior warning. Apart from material damage spills can cause injuries to yourself, your co-workers or to any unsuspecting laboratory visitor. Besides damage and injuries laboratory spills also result in frustrations due to unforeseen delays leading to falling in laboratory workflows. Our earlier article […]