Suggestions for sustained career growth in testing laboratories

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Focused laboratory worker
Focused laboratory worker

The obvious reason for your choice of a testing laboratory as your future career in a testing laboratory was a keen desire to gain exposure in the field and to reach the top position in the future. A sustained career growth requires a will to give your best and willingness to accept assigned responsibilities. Your aim should be to set a benchmark for others to emulate. The current article offers suggestions to make this uphill course easy.
A career in a laboratory offers several challenges and you have to acquire the essential knowledge and develop the required skills over a period of time.

Stay Focused

In the initial years you have to put in your best to gain recognition. Do not fall into obstacles and traps which can lead to underperformance. Stay focused and put in hard work and consistent efforts to complete assigned tasks in allocated time. Follow the prescribed test procedures and do not hesitate to clarify your doubts but do not make any changes in the procedures on your own without approval from authorized persons. Take initiative to upgrade your skills and knowledge. Identify your weak areas and take special efforts to get your doubts clarified by consulting your senior colleagues.

Manage your time

A test lab often poses challenges of time when the sample loads are high. Systematic planning on daily basis can avoid a lot of stress on this account. Time management will prove to be a great relief under such situations. It is true that priorities keep changing and at times it becomes difficult to keep pace with the workload demands but if you have adopted the time management practices you will be able to accommodate such changes without much difficulty.

Criticisms and Complaints

Criticisms and complaints should be taken in a positive spirit as they provide an opportunity for self inspection resulting in improvements.

Upkeep of Records

It is recommended that all your documentary and other records be kept updated at all times in accordance with the requirements under Good Laboratory Practices.Such practices are a great help to wade you out of disputes arising out of reported results.

Maintenance of instruments

Regular maintenance of your tools and instruments will prevent time loss due to breakdowns. Preventive maintenance schedules are recommended in the laboratory standard operating features for each facility. It is necessary that such schedules be carried out without fail even through busy work schedules. If required putting in extra efforts and time must be put. Well maintained instruments ensure trouble free and timely completion of assigned tasks.

Confidence on reported results

The accuracy of reported results is dependent on several factors. However, it can be maximized by taking adequate precautions while following the analysis methods. Make sure that that you use calibrated apparatus and glassware, highest purity reagents, valid working standards and also high cleanliness level of glassware used in analysis. Further it is best to get your reported values rechecked by other competent persons before communication of results.

Share your skills

It is commonly believed that sharing your knowledge and skills will leave you behind others in the race to success. Learning is not a one track path as during interaction there is an opportunity to add to your own skills and get clarifications on your on misconceptions. Bear in mind that others cannot overtake you simply by learning what is already known to you and on the other hand you will stand to gain their appreciation and respect.

Final piece of advice is to show due reverence to your seniors and offer assistance whenever requested. This will place you in their good books and they will not hesitate in conveying their recommendations at time of promotions.

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