On-line Certificate Program on Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy – Join Now

On-line Certificate Program on Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy - Join Now

Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy provides cost-effective solutions for analysis of trace metals in the entire range of natural and man-made materials such as environmental samples, geological samples, minerals, agricultural produce and soils, foods and drinking water, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, health food supplements, forensic specimens, archaeological artifacts, toys, etc.

AAS offers benefits of speed, sensitivity and precision over the earlier time-consuming classical analysis techniques . It has maintained a significant presence in most academic and research laboratories due to its cost effectiveness.

The certificate program covers different aspects of the technique that will raise your level of understanding of basic theoretical concepts as well as practical details on related activities that will boost your confidence on results that you generate.

The program comprises of 19 steps or modules which takes you through the learning process in a planned logical manner


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  1. Dear Dr Deepak,
    The course is very interesting for us.
    Kindly help us to know if there is a fixed time frame to participate.

    1. Dear Ally,
      Good to know that the course is interesting.Hope you will continue to provide your feedback from time to time.The course is available for anyone at any point of time and the beauty is that you can complete the course at your convenience whenever you are able to spare time but my suggestion would be to take it up seriously and try completing in 4-6 months. Your certificate will be sent only after you completer all the quiz evaluation exercises.
      Best Regards

    1. MCQ’s are part of certificate program and cannot be sent separately. They are part of evaluation of performance so you would be required to register for the certificate program.

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