Now GC Method Optimization and Development on your fingertips!

Now GC Method Optimization and Development on your fingertips!

As a research chromatographer you are required to develop a method or optimize an existing application. Conventionally such an exercise can extend from weeks to even months and involve painstaking efforts involving trial and error, cost of expensive standards and solvents, several hours of tedious calculations and immense amount of work on different probable combinations. Imagine how easy your life could become if you could get the required help at a few clicks on your system.

Recently I came across one such application software called Restek EZ GC\(^ T^M\) (pronounced E Zee GC) which can offer a solution to your time consuming problems and help you come up with viable alternatives in a matter of minutes. The most attractive feature is that the software is accessible free of cost. The EZ GC \(^ T^M\)  method translator and flow calculator can be downloaded for subsequent off-line use. By simply entering your current method specifications you shall be guided to alternate improved method conditions. The software enables you to optimise column selection, film thickness, stationary phase, etc, switch carrier gases, change operational parameters to optimize a method for improved speed and efficiency.

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