Solutions to First HPLC Program Quiz

Solutions to First HPLC Program Quiz
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The first HPLC quiz was published on the site on 18 June 2014 and I am glad to inform that a number of our subscribers scored over 80% in response to the discount offer and have earned 20% discount on the course fee. I take this opportunity to congratulate all those who qualified for the discount.

The quiz has certainly left some unanswered questions in your mind. As the discount offer is over now I feel duty bound to provide you the correct answers to the multiple choice questions. Please read on for the correct solutions

I sincerely hope that everyone will take active interest in our programs and educational exercises in future as well.

Questions and  their Answers:

1. Increase in HPLC column length results in
Ans. Faster analysis

2. Which of the two chromatograms results from smaller sized column packings:

a.a b.

Ans. b

3. HPLC stands for
Ans. High performance liquid chromatography

4. Identify the column used in HPLC analysis

a.Packed Column
b.Capillary Column
c.HPLC Column

Ans. c

5. Pressure range in normal analytical separations
Ans. 3000 – 6000 psi

6. Typical HPLC column dimensions
Ans. 250 mm length, 4.6 mm ID

7. The mobile phase used in HPLC analysis is
Ans. Liquid

8. Increase in flow rate of mobile phase leads to
Ans. Faster elution of sample components

9. HPLC columns are generally made of
Ans. Corrosion resistant stainless steel SS 316

10. Most commonly used HPLC detector
Ans. UV detector at fixed wavelength

11. Most commonly used mode of HPLC analysis
Ans. Reverse phase chromatography

12. Isocratic mode of operation implies
Ans. Use of constant composition of mobile phase irrespective of number of solvents used throughout the analysis run

13. Retention time drifts of eluting compounds are controlled by
Ans. Making use of a column oven

14. Degassing of the HPLC solvents is carried out essentially to
Ans. Remove dissolved gases so as to avoid bubble formation inside the system

15. Which technique is not recommended for degassing of mobile phase
Ans. Boiling of mobile phase

16. Excessive pump pressure leads to following problems
Ans. Faster wear and tear of pump components

17. HPLC sample solubility should be checked first in
Ans. Mobile phase or solvent (s) having close polarity to mobile phase

18. Light – Sensitive Samples are store in
Ans. Amber Colored Vials

19. Which is a bulk property detector?
Ans. Refractive index detector

20. Which mode of HPLC separates sample components by molecular size
Ans. Gel permeation chromatography

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