Laboratory Theft Insurance

Laboratories house expensive equipment, computer terminals, expensive and potentially hazardous chemicals and monetary instruments such as cash, drafts and cheques. Besides these there is a whole range of documents in the form of quality manual, service policies, standard test procedures and operating procedures loss of which or the falling into wrong hands can lead to […]

Money Insurance-A Reality!

Cash and cash equivalents like cheques and demand drafts represent the lifeline of every business and laboratories are no exception. Often lab employees have to carry cash while on duty / in transit, to and from bank, when it may be knocked off. Treasury notes, postal orders and current postage stamps are also covered.Money insurance […]

Professional Indemnity Insurance helps bail you out of situations beyond your control

Laboratories are run by human beings and inspite of all the precautions and adherence to recommended guidelines errors in communication of results do creep in. Cross-checking helps minimize such errors but total elimination cannot be ruled out. Such errors and omissions can at times be serious enough and can lead to significant financial loss or […]

Laboratory Electronic Equipment Insurance

Modern laboratories are equipped with highly sophisticated and costly instruments like HPLC’s, GC’s, LC – MS, GC – MS, AAS, ICP – MS, ICP – OES and HPTLC. Besides these instruments laboratories also install a network of IT servers and terminals for integrating laboratory activities and networking with clients. When any electronic equipment stalls, operations […]

Benefits of Laboratory Machinery Breakdown Insurance

A laboratory requires several ancillary machines besides analytical instruments such as uninterrupted power supplies, analysis grade water systems, air compressors, gas generators, etc. Many such machines in use in analytical laboratories are precision machines, involving sophisticated technology and carry a high price tag. During the course of day-to-day operations, an accidental electrical or mechanical breakdown […]

Fire Hazards in the Laboratory

Fires pose a major hazard in laboratories and the need for fire insurance was stressed upon in an earlier article on laboratory insurance. In this article a brief is provided on what insurance companies cover under fire insurance and more important the awareness on fire risks and how to prevent fire mishaps. Fire insurance insurance […]

Why is it Essential to Insure your Laboratory?

The very mention of insurance will bring to your mind following types of coverages : Life insurance Accident insurance Home insurance Medical insurance Motor vehicle insurance Travel insurance Have you ever felt necessity for an insurance cover for your laboratory. The laboratory is a place stacked with a variety of chemicals and toxic substances in addition […]

Types of Stability Chambers

Stability parameters on pharmaceuticals, foods, and cosmetics were covered in earlier articles. These constitute a major segment for predicting the shelf life of products but such studies extend to other materials as well such as building materials, electronic components, packaging materials, etc. Testing for such materials requires extremes of environmental conditions such as temperatures ranging from […]