Training & Development – Key to success for Progressive Laboratories

Training & Development – Key to success for Progressive Laboratories
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Improvement of laboratory operations through sustained training programs was emphasized earlier. The present article will offer justifications to motivate laboratories and individuals to embark upon sustained growth through training & development activities.

Today knowledge is growing exponentially in all areas of human activity and laboratory technologies are no exception. No one can claim that he / she knows everything and does not require further increase of knowledge or skills. The day one gets this conviction one can start counting the days of his/her career decline.

Benefits of Training

Training offers benefits to both the individual as well as the organization.

Organization Benefits

Laboratories can derive significant benefits through introduction of planned training and development programs for its employees irrespective of their seniority and work responsibilities. Opportunities for external training should also be explored. The organization gains may not be immediate but will become apparent over a period of time

  • Facilitates switch over of job functions in case of emerging needs
  • Practical basis for employee evaluation at time of annual appraisals
  • High employee reputation during interactions with external auditors
  • High reputation of laboratory amongst clients

Individual Benefits

The growth of an individual cannot be delinked from the organization’s growth

  • Clear understanding of job requirements will make your daily work an enjoyable monotony free experience. In turn this will reduce work stress and promote healthy work environment
  • You gain respect among your colleagues and as you grow professionally you gain recognition in your specialized area of work
  • Over a period of time you become an authority and your expert opinion in certain matters will be held in high esteem.

Keep in mind that your university degrees and achievements helped you secure your coveted job.You have put in hard work and burnt midnight oil to excel in your examinations. Your objective at that time was to gain knowledge and earn degrees that will prepare you for your career. However, now you have to realize that in today’s competitive environment you cannot afford to be left behind due to ignorance of advances in your area of specialization. Keep in mind that it is easier to get into a job but much more difficult to sustain it. There is where training and development will come to your rescue and provide stepping stones for your upward professional growth. Your position in the laboratory hierarchy should not hold you back from learning. You should also be on the lookout for outside training opportunities for self development and growth.

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