Useful Tips on Writing a Lab Report for Your Lab Research Assignment

Laboratory Research

In a lab course, the teacher will often assign lab report assignment to find out how much understanding the students have on the experiment that they are doing. The lab report is like a diary where you describe in detailed the things that you have done during the experiment. You can describe any discovery in the experiment.

The first part is the pre-lab report where you write at least four sentences on introduction. You will write about the background of your experiment which can include the reason and relevance of the experiment and mention any other similar experiments that you have done in the past. You will write about the goal that you want to achieve for doing the experiment and provide elaboration on the techniques that you will be using to perform the experiment.

In the prelab part, you have to create a flowchart by describing all the procedures in easy sentences and brief paragraphs. It is important to take down all the raw data of the experiment on the notebook. Whenever you notice something, you should record it immediately on the notebook so that you will have all the data you need. In the event the result did not turn out as you expect it, you can go through the data and spot the errors. You can create a hypothesis on the changes that will take place if one of the variables is altered. You can describe the errors in the data and why they are wrong. Suggestions on how to improve the accuracy of obtaining the intended result in the experiment can be included.

In the post lab part, you will organize the data from the experiment in easy to read format such as table. You can also write about the formulas used in performing calculation. The lab report must have a conclusion which is a short summary of what you did and the result of the experiment. The conclusion has the same length as the introduction. The conclusion gives you the opportunity to explain all the important points once again. In the conclusion, you have the option to accept that the hypothesis is correct or reject it as a wrong opinion.

When writing the lab report, you must always adhere to the format that your instructor requires you to follow. The lab report should contain a references section where you provide citation of the sources of the included information. The sources should be cited in the appropriate format such as APA, MLA and etc according to the format specified in the essay question. You must never copy other student’s lab report as your teacher can accuse you of plagiarism and fail your paper. The report should be written in your own words and it should be proofread a few times to ensure that it is free from spelling/grammar error.

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