What really goes into running a HPLC : Infographic

What really goes into running a HPLC : Infographic

Anyone who is working in a laboratory is likely to use a HPLC at some time or the other. Right from the time you complete your graduation, post graduation, doctorate or you are working in industry you may have to rely on HPLC to answer some vital questions. Most of us believe that it is enough to be able to run the software and inject samples.



Far from this myth HPLC operation requires an understanding and knowledge of lot more than just the software and  hardware. These are in fact a very small part of the bigger picture. On an average day in a HPLC lab you would spend only a fraction of your time running the system. Most of the time will be spent preparing the samples, mobile phase, buffers, filling log books and various forms and formats.

The infographic is designed to guide you through a series of 18 logical steps which chart the path to achieve your learning objectives. The systematic approach will offer a complete package to assure you value on your investment and time.

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