How to plan competence skill development programmes for laboratory workers?

How to plan competence skill development programmes for laboratory workers?
Laboratory training session
Laboratory training session

All laboratory workers require professional skills in order to carry out laboratory operations. Skill development and acquisition of knowledge promise career growth through better understanding of the job requirements. Technology is advancing at a very fast pace and in order to keep its laboratory workers informed training programs are essential. Benefits of training programs have been outlined in an earlier article.

Training needs are decided by the laboratory management on the basis of job requirements. Each individual has different levels of skills and potential .After general round of training trainees should be shortlisted for advanced training. The objective is not be to test knowledge deficiencies or pinpoint limitations but to impart minimum of skills that are required to handle the assigned tasks.

The training stages can be outlined as:

Induction introduces the trainee to the organization structure, job requirements, management policies and expectations

Specialized training to shortlisted trainees on techniques and documentary procedures followed in sub-section of the laboratory. Such training requires personalized attention of the trainer.

Evaluation tests the employee for his/her pickup. It can comprise of multiple-choice questions or on- floor assessment. The record of assessment should be preserved individually to assess future training requirements

Trainee Feedback is an essential component and should be collected from each trainee on his understanding and areas where the trainee feels deficient. Such deficiencies should be addressed to within reasonable time.

Re- assessment of training needs should verify that acceptable levels of skills and knowledge have been acquired which are acceptable to the organization. In case a trainee lacks in certain areas these should be covered within a defined time frame

Training and skill development is an ongoing process. The trainer should impart training on existing skills and advances in the techniques which will help the trainee improve his or her performance and help benchmark the employee in line with laboratory norms and standards.

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