Disposal of Laboratory Samples

Laboratory samples and waste disposal is a specialized practice and requires adherence to prescribed techniques otherwise such waste can lead to environmental hazards.

Sample management in Testing Laboratories

Sample management both before and after analysis contributes to high laboratory through puts greater efficiency of analysis and also helps build good customer relations through confidence building.

Importance of Physical examination of samples prior to analysis

A sample received for analysis needs to be examined for its uniformity of composition and freedom from cracks, loose seals or leaking containers before undertaking its analysis.

Safe Handling of Laboratory Glassware

Laboratory glassware is an essential commodity in all laboratories.Extra care should be exercised in handling of laboratory glassware and it should never be put to any  other use apart from ​​laboratory applications.

Benefits Offered by Instrumental Methods of Analysis

Advances in instrumental analysis techniques have contributed to our understanding of chemical sciences and developments of new products and processes.In the absence of such techniques it would not have been possible to gain insight into properties and safety of consumption of materials on the basis of their composition.

Safe Handling of Laboratory Instruments

Sophisticated analytical instruments have become essential necessity in modern day research and industrial laboratories. Such instruments provide benefits of high accuracy of results and time saving due to their capability of handling large number of samples in the limited time available. However, such instruments require safe handling as they present potential hazards of electrocution,exposure to […]

Selection of Cell materials for UV – VIS spectroscopic studies

Cuvettes are available in different designs to accommodate sample volumes ranging from micro-liters to a few ml. These are generally made from glass, quartz and transparent plastics.Both glass and quartz cuvettes are fragile and require care in handling and use. Plastics are more durable but have their own limitations.The choice of material depends on nature of […]

Which is better option for quantitative chromatographic calculations – Peak height or Peak area ?

Peak area for quantification by chromatography is preferable to peak height as it takes into consideration peak shape distortions , if any

Familiarize with the Gas Chromatograph

A Gas Chromatograph like any other analytical instrument has evolved from one with several knobs and dials to one having a simple microprocessor based keypad to control the operational parameters. The simplification has resulted in ease of operation and time saving. An understanding of the main component parts will help in maximum utilization of system capabilities.

Key Considerations in preparation and use of HPLC Mobile Phase

The reliability of any HPLC analysis depends to a great extent on precautions and considerations taken on nature of the sample and characteristic properties of component solvents of the mobile phase.In other words the mobile phase is the lifeline of HPLC system and its compatibility with the sample and column packing material is a major […]