What needs to be done in case of transit damage, short shipment or wrong supply of ordered instruments?

What needs to be done in case of transit damage, short shipment or wrong supply of ordered instruments?
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You have invested a lot of your time and money for procurement of sophisticated instruments and a lot of planning has gone into preparation of installation site. In the first place it was a herculean task to seek your management’s approval and to select the right vendor for release of purchase order. Everything seemed to be fine and proceeding with clockwork precision till the time of receipt of consignment.

The consignment reaches you after clearance from customs authorities and the representative has sent the engineer for inspection and installation of consignment. At this stage like a bolt from the blue you discover that

  • Consignment has suffered damage during shipment and transportation to your site
  • Mismatch between ordered items and those received
  • Short shipment

So when faced with such predicament what are you supposed to do. Let us consider each of the eventualities one by one

Damage to Consignment

In the first place you should always place your order on CIP basis (Cost Insurance Paid)  which means that your consignment is under insurance cover from factory to your premises. It is important to open the boxes in presence of the representative engineer who will certify the extent and nature of damage. Arrange inspection by the local representative of the insurance company who in turn will assess the damage and provide the required documents for lodging your insurance claim. In case of total loss the insurance agent will advise re- shipment and in case of partial damage the insurance agent will facilitate lodging your damage claim.

Mismatch with Ordered Items

Some accessories or spare supplies might not match with the ordered items. In such case the representative engineer will make out his report and arrange for earliest replacement with correct items. In case the process is going to consume time the representative could be requested to arrange for required supplies from company’s stock or against loan from some other local user

Short Shipment

This is a situation where replacement procedure is similar to wrong shipments and the same process is to be followed for lodging your claims.

The expeditious replacement of supplies or equipment depends on the relationship you enjoy with the supplier and his representative .and their combined damage control abilities Cooperation extended under the circumstances will speed up the replacement and his organizational abilities will ensure installation and commissioning of your instrument with minimum delays. Do always remember to acknowledge such support as it will strengthen your relationship further.

Please share your experiences under such circumstances and offer your comments.

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